Sunday, March 8, 2015

Accountability in Teaching

Accountability for whom? The teacher? The student? The Administrators? There is so much accountability that there is no teaching really going on. That's why you don't see any significant increase in scores, if any. I think if the administrators spent more time getting money and actually running the school and try to meet the needs of the teachers that would give more time for the teachers to teach, which in turn give more time for the student to learn. 

But instead the administrators are trying to tell the teachers how to teach and not getting the resources the teachers need/require to be successful. So the teacher spends less time teaching because he/she is spending that time trying to get the resources they need to teach. 

And people wonder why no one wants to teach?! We don't have to worry about not having doctors, we need to worry about not having teachers. Without teachers there will be no doctors, lawyers, engineers, pilots, architects, eat. Instead we will have a service society that is ignorant and subservient to the rest of the world. 

If the USA dose not put education more importantly teachers at the forefront of US priorities we are doomed! 

I wish I would have had the love of learning when I was a child that I have as an adult.  Kids are held back by people labeling them and telling them they can't succeed... This is done by lowering the standard that kids are held to, or holding all kids to the same standard when all kids are different. You would think educators would understand that every kid is different and by that virtue there is no norm. 

If you have a group of kids that 75% are by definition over achievers, what is the norm for that class? How do you make the others feel they are just as successful as the over achievers? Do you segregate the kids now like they use to do? You know smart from the dumb (me when I was in special Ed). Or do you just not compare the kids to a norm or standard and just compare them to their ability. Encouragement goes a long way. It is proven that kids look for encouragement and praise where ever they can get it. 

It's like drugs... They will act out for the attention. They want guidance and discipline in the absence of either they will go rouge! i.e. Gangs!! 

I think I got off on a tangent... Any way the fix to the education system is out there but no one likes the answer because it's too simple.